[New Spell] Curse of Manes

Curse of Manes

Stork finished reading the Scroll of Dark Deeds aloud and pointed at the Scholar of Wexos. The illusionist, suddenly aware of the curse, could only grunt and claw the air helplessly as he began transforming into a vile creature the size of a gnome. Stork laughed maniacally.

Knat the druidess screamed and thudded her staff on the ground. Roots tore from the earth, grasping at Stork as Vistis the Blue Mage scrambled for safety.

The thing that was the Scholar of Wexos looked at once both pitiful and terrifying as it scampered around, mewling in a language that nobody else understood.

Knat walked up to Stork as he struggled to free himself from the roots that held him fast. Reeling back she punched the wizard in the jaw. Stork laughed. The roots constricted him tighter as the druidess punched the sorcerer in an eye. This time Stork snarled and struggled to free his hands to cast a spell. Chalk, Koram and Valance appeared.

Well, well, well, what have we here?” Chalk said as he looked at Stork and narrowed his eyes.

Curse of Manes (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 30′ + 5′ per level of wizard.

Duration: Until removed.

One of the most vile and feared curses to befall anyone is the Curse of Manes which transforms anyone who fails a saving throw versus magic at -1 into a manes; one of the least forms of lower planar creatures. As a manes the victim loses one half of their intelligence yet retains enough to remember who they are no matter how low this number is. All class abilities are gone, the subject of the curse is reduced to 1 HD, the manes has three attacks (two claws and bite for 1-2/1-2/1-4) and conversations with others are very difficult due to the lower intelligence and the fact that the manes only understand the Infernal tongue for the duration of the curse. On the up side the cursed person is immune to Charm, Sleep and similar spells, can only be struck by +1 or better weapons and if slain merely dissipates in an oily smoke only to reform on the spot 1d4 turns later (unless devoured by a greater demon, devil or deity, in which case death is permanent and irrevocable).

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    That’s just rude man! Cool but very rude!

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