[New Monster] Spy-Shroom



What is that?!” Chalk said in disgust as he looked at the weird dome of fungi. The thing looked back up at him and half-smiled.

No idea, and I doubt my spiders can get anything out of it,” muttered Valance.

It is a little fungal spy!” Knat the druidess exclaimed as she knelt down and patted the mushroom gently with one hand while rummaging through a bag at her side with the other. Slowly she revealed a wedge of cheese and the thing’s eyes got bigger and its mouth opened and closed convulsively.

What are you doing?” asked Koram.

Knat broke off a small bit of cheese and fed the strange fungus.

Any big monsters here?” she asked it.

Big troll and odd dragon,” mumbled the fungus between bites of cheese.

You know I paid a lot for that cheese?” Koram asked.

Would you rather not know that a troll and a dragon are lurking about?” Knat asked.

Point taken,” the fighter replied.


No. Enc.: 1 (1d6)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 10′ (3′)

Armor Class: 7

Hit Dice: 2

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d4

Save: F2

Morale: 12

Hoard Class: Nil

X.P.: 50

Spy-shrooms are odd little bits of sporecery that act as dull-witted observers. While dormant a spy-shroom usually sits below the surface of the ground, revealing only its sensor top which looks like a puffball mushroom. As soon as movement or sound are detected a spy-shroom will slowly reveal itself, rising as a dome (like a big mushroom cap) about 12” in diameter and 8” high with two deep black eyes and a toothy maw. A spy-shroom records all activity in a 60′ radius and will reveal what it has seen and heard to its master, usually when a password is spoken, but these dumb fungi are easily bribed and may tell all to a clever passerby. If cornered a spy-shroom is pretty helpless, only being able to bite for 1d4 points of damage.

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2 Responses to [New Monster] Spy-Shroom

  1. Needles says:

    Snagged! Thank you!

    • bat says:

      It seemed sneaky and a little creepy, just in time for Halloween.
      I hope it works well in your game! Thank you for the comment!

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