[New Spell] In Your Veins

In Your Veins

You really need to do this?” Chalk asked Koram. “It looks a bit dangerous.”

How else are we going to help these people out? They have a vampire, I have a healthy constitution, just don’t let it drop me to my knees,” the fighter replied.

Are you ready?” the necromancer asked. “It is coming.”

Koram nodded grimly. Knat, Chalk and the Scholar of Wexos prepared spells while Valance summoned spiders. The gnome thief gathered up all of the garlic he could find, explaining that it was for a good cause whenever he was caught pilfering garlic (and anything else he could find ) from these simple folk.

Night fell. The vampire came, creeping passed the front gates and into the small town. Koram stood tall. As the undead was about to mock the man it suddenly seemed to smell something delicious in the air, it realized that the delicious scent was in the veins of Koram. With a shriek the monster lunged as the Crystal Sword of Koram stabbed at the vampire. Spells went off and hundreds of spiders amassed on the vampire, dragging it down with their weight as the thing cried blood, begging Koram to give it just one taste from his veins.

In Your Veins (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 20′ radius

Duration: One turn per level of magic-user.

This horrid spell poisons the blood of all in a 20′ radius (except the caster) so that for the duration of the spell (although a saving throw at -1 will negate these effects) magical healing of any kind (including potions) will not work. However any creature, such as a vampire, that bites the target of this spell will suffer 1d8 points of damage per bite, yet find the flavor of the blood irresistible and feel a compulsion to attack again (with no saving throw to resist). In cases of dire need this spell has been used to fight off vampires as at least one subject volunteers to be affected by the spell while others attack the undead monster (since a vampire cannot feed while in mist form it is easier for vampire hunters to attack). At other times this spell is used as a ritual for initiation into various secret orders. Sometimes necromancers just have fun casting it on victims and watching the undead and other monsters slay their victims.

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