[New Spell] Summoning of Seducers

Summoning of Seducers

Knat squinted into the twilight sky.

What are those? Harpies?” she asked the others.

Chalk turned and looked and coughed.

Those are no harpies,” he replied.

The Scholar of Wexos regarded the bat-winged creatures as the flew nearer.

Oh my goodness,!” the illusionist said.

Valance watched the succubi as they circled overhead then flew off, obviously in search of other prey.

Certainly they are not harpies and goodness has nothing to do with them!” quipped the priest of the Spider God.

Summoning of Seducers (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: 10′

Duration: Some enchanted evening.

A less dangerous and more specific form of summoning lower planar creatures, Summoning of Seducers will call up 1d4+2 Succubi (or Incubi as the case may be) from the infernal planes. These dangerous and deadly beauties will not attack their summoner for any reason as long as they are free to cause chaos during their time on the material plane. Some demonologists summon these vile creatures as heralds for evil armies, some are summoned to try to seduce and destroy a rival and sometimes the arcanist just summons these creatures up for themselves….

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