[New Magic Item] Moon-wand


Chalk sat dumbly, looking at his trembling hands when Koram found him.

What happened?” the fighter asked the wizard. “And where is your staff and coin pouch?”

The wizard looked up at his old friend, but Koram saw that Chalk did not recognize him.

Are you here to help me?” the wizard asked helplessly.

Koram helped his friend to his feet and looked around for the cause of this sudden touch of madness.

Yes I am, and we will get back at whoever did this to you!” he promised.

The moon-wand is a strange magical willow wand thought to have been created in ages passed by the mostly benign Gods of the Dream and granted to worthy spellcasters, others believe that these wands were capture or taken from defeated moonfolk (q.v.). Usually found only in ancient treasure troves, moon-wands are very much sought after by illusionists and wizards.

Benefit: A moon-wand is a rechargeable magical wand that when found usually has 1d6 charges (of 10) in it. The wand can be used upon an individual within 60′ by indicating the target who then must make a saving through versus magic at -1, failing to do so will give the victim of the wand a touch of madness, in which extreme visual and auditory hallucinations will make the subject -2 on all rolls for 3d6 turns while the person tries to sort out what is real and what is just in their heads (which is virtually impossible as the lunacy evoked by the wand constantly influences the mind of the victim with bizarre and often contradictory perceptions of the world around them).

Usable by: Illusionists and magic-users.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Moon-wand

  1. Needles says:

    You had me at moonwand! Are you here to help me! 😉

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