[New Magic Item] Copper Mouse of Moxo-Daz

Copper Mouse of Moxo-Daz

Valance was sweating profusely when he caught up to the others.

What is it?”asked the scholar of Wexos.

Mice! Hundreds of them!” the priest of the Spider God told the illusionist.

You are sweating over mice?” Knat asked.

Certainly!” quipped Valance. “I cannot summon giant spiders fast enough to deal with them all, I am going to need some help!”

A rather inconspicuous and unassuming magic item, the Copper Mouse of Moxo-Daz is a horrifying item nonetheless. Appearing as nothing more than a simply wrought mouse of copper with small red garnets for eyes, this tiny magic item fits easily in the palm of the hand.

Benefit: This magic item can sit for ages on a shelf or in a box, but once it is buried under or near a building the Copper Mouse of Moxo-Daz begins summoning mice, rats and other small rodents to the location. The one who buried this magic item can control these furry vermin, who show up in numbers of up to 400 per day (roll 1d4 each day and multiply the number by 100) and will begin to gnaw, burrow and infest the area, bothering everyone but the one who buried the Copper Mouse. Once the magic item is removed from the ground the rodents scatter, no longer intent upon infesting the area.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Copper Mouse of Moxo-Daz

  1. trey says:

    Neat. Cool creature. It’s got the X of Y sort of name I like to because it suggests backstory and gives a little hint of world.

  2. bat says:

    Thanks a bunch, Trey! I like throwing in odd names here and there for people to run with and add to their games. 🙂

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