[New Magic Item] Grail of Sloth

Grail of Sloth

This place has really gone to the dogs!” exclaimed Koram as the adventurers returned to the town of Bottle. Drunkards filled the streets and there were signs of decline everywhere and the populace seemed more intent upon revelry than industry.

What is the big celebration about?” Chalk asked a peasant.

We won a big trophy for something!” the yokel replied. “Now we celebrate!”

I have a bad feeling about this trophy,” Chalk muttered angrily as he lead the group to the town’s center.

This minor cursed item looks like a shiny trophy and is usually presented as such to a community for some sort of achievement or other. It takes a month or so for the weird magic to seep into the community and it sometimes takes months for the item to be found as suspect while all other avenues are exhausted. The Grail of Sloth appears as a gold and silver goblet encrusted with gems and is said to have been created for a jealous prince that was bound and determined to undermine and overthrow a rival in a neighboring city.

Benefit: When given to a community this insidious magic item slowly begins working on the minds of the populace. Each day after one month there is a base 15% chance with a 5% per day cumulative chance of the population succumbing to the power of the dread grail, this also affects travelers in the same way with a base 15% chance at slipping into idleness. Once the curse has taken effect the community will begin to grow idle and lay; gambling, drinking and all sorts of idleness will take hold of the village, town or city and fields will grow barren, farm animals will wander off and all production will slowly grind to a halt. Such areas are then often ripe for the picking. When removed it will take a community one month to get back in business and be fruitful again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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