[New Magic Item] Dabbler’s Wand

Dabbler’s Wand

Koram examined the intricate wand found in the peasant’s cottage.

Why do you think he had this?” the fighter asked, then suddenly knew somehow. He raised the wand and flicked it at Valance. Before he could protest the priest of the Spider God nodded off, fast asleep.

The others looked bewildered.

I can cast spells now too!” Koram said proudly.

It is probably best to lose that as soon as possible,” suggested the Scholar of Wexos. “No good can come of it.”

Your just irritated because I can do magic too!” snapped Koram.

No, really, there is something a little not right about a wand that anyone can use, it is just too easy,” Chalk said.

Koram gripped the wand firmly and the others relented for the time being.

The Dabbler’s Wand is a beautifully wrought silver wand that resembles a scepter that royalty might carry. In fact, it is a scepter, belonging to the demon prince Yarnok, taken from the infernal creature during a vicious battle on the Material Plane. Yarnok has been exiled to the lower planes for one hundred and one years for dying on the Material Plane and now he seethes in the realms down below; unable to crawl up the winding paths that lead from the Mythic Underworld back into our realm. The Dabbler’s Wand is a potent and frightening magic item that never seems to stay in one person’s grasp for too long.

Benefit: This magic item is so potent that anyone may use it to cast 1d4 1st or 2nd level spells per day, truly an amazing boon to anyone stumbling across the infernal wand. However, each time the wand is used roll 1d8. A result of “1” means that the magic is so strong that one of the following have occurred (roll 1d4):

1 Within three days a band of 1d4 clerics of Law will appear (average level 3rd ) and try to confiscate the wand in the name of Good.

2 A day later 1d4 least demons will appear, ordered by Yarnok to recover his wand.

3 The victim will begin having disturbing visions of a snarling, raging bestial demon. This is Yarnok, who plagues the user of his wand with these horrible visions. Possessor of the wand is -1 on all rolls for one week when the horrible visions begin to subside.

4 A powerful wizard will immediately sense that the possessor of the wand is a rival and bend all of his or her attention to defeating the “owner” of the wand and taking it for themselves.

Usable by: Anyone.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Dabbler’s Wand

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Pretty neat, bat. 😀

  2. Nice item.

    Thats the kind of item I like, fun and potent but with a bit of curse. Its also pretty easy to adapt to Pathfinder which is a plus.

    I might be tempted however to have it scale and allow higher level types higher level spells just to allow it to be used at those levels or to reduce it in 10 chance with 1d6 spells per day if I wanted a stronger item.

  3. bat says:

    Thank you for the comments!:)
    I have been gearing some magic items towards lower levels, but by all means, expand upon them! There is no reason that an item like the Dabbler’s Wand cannot adapt to the current wielder’s level.

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