[New Spell] Bottle of Spirits

Bottle of Spirits

Stork chuckled evilly as he picked up the spade and started digging next to the dilapidated inn.

Anyone yet?” he hissed at Vistis the Blue Mage, who was acting as a lookout.

Not yet, everything is quiet,” the illusionist whispered back.

Moments later, satisfied that the hole was deep enough Stork lowered a glass bottle into the ground and gently covered it, trying to make the ground appear undisturbed.

Charge us double for being traveling wizards, will you!” Stork muttered with a sneer.

That night a trio of skeletons and a ghoul came poking about the old inn, frightening the guests as they peered into the windows.

Bottle of Spirits (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: One week per level of wizard.

This ritual creates a concoction that the spellcaster places somewhere near an enemy. The potion inside the sealed bottle is tantalizing to the undead, who flock to the area, but are so overwhelmed by the magical aura of the bottle that they cannot pinpoint the location. This generally causes the undead to paw around, looking high and low for the Bottle of Spirits, also known as the Bottle of Spite. Each day that the bottle is buried 1d4+2 random undead (usually skeletons and ghouls, with the occasional wight and the extremely rare vampire or ghost) are lured to the area. In some places these are used to train hunters of the undead, in other circumstances these magic items are used to torment rivals.


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