[New Spell] Shroud of Shadows

Shroud of Shadows

What do you think?” Koram asked Chalk as the two adventurers stood over the fog enshrouded valley.

Chalk knelt for a few moments with his eyes closed, then his brow furrowed into a scowl.

I say we go around it,” he replied.

But that will take another day in this country!” complained the fighter.

Well, you asked my opinion and you got it!” Chalk said. “There is more to that strange fog than meets the eye!”

Shroud of Shadows (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: 1000 yards x1000 yards per level of arcanist.

Duration: Three days per level of wizard.

This powerful magic covers a huge area in concealing shadows, a strange darkness that travelers and wanderers by cannot navigate in very well and tend to avoid at all costs. Powerful necromancers and other fell wizards often cast this spell to hide their activities within their realms. All scrying and divination done upon an area under the effects of this spell gives unreliable information and is seen as as if through several layers of murky and distorted glass. Those traveling through this area are easily lost and subject to more random encounters (x2).

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