[New Magic Item] Magical Skulls: Burstskulls

Magical Skulls: Burstskulls

Stork snarled at the gnome thief as the latter tried climbing out of the window of the room in the Cobbler’s Cove Inn.

Get him!” the wizard roared.

As Vistis the Blue Mage prepared a spell the gnome retrieved a gruesome looking skull from the folds of his cloak. With a sneer the gnome threw the skull which shatter in the middle of the room and transformed into a half a dozen tittering and biting goblin skulls. Vistis lost his concentration and his spell fizzled. Stork drew his wand to fire a spell at the thief but was overwhelmed by the magical skulls himself.

Nudge the gnome chuckled all the way back to the hideout where he told his tale to Chalk and the others, much to their amusement.

Created via complex and fiendish rituals, usually by fell wizards, burstskulls are grisly skulls that can be thrown at a target up to 20′ away. Upon contact with any surface the burstskulls shatter and become several smaller animated biting and tittering skulls. These usually come in three sizes, easily carried by most humanoids. Burst skulls can be stored indefinitely as long as they don’t crash to the ground.

Benefit: When thrown at any solid surface a burstskull will explode into many smaller laughing and giggling biting skulls that leap up to 3′ in the air as follows:

  1. Goblin sized burstskull creates 1d4+2 rat sized skulls that nip and bite in a 10′ radius. Bite does 1 hp of damage and 2 hp will destroy these tiny skulls.

  2. Human sized skull shatters to become 1d6+2 gnashing and biting goblin sized skulls in a 10’radius. The bite of these does 1d4 hit points of damage and 3 hp will destroy one of these skulls.

  3. Ogre skull. When thrown shatters to create 1d6+4 human sized skulls and bite and rend in a 15′ radius. The bite of these larger skulls does 1D6+1 points of damage and 6 hp of damage will destroy one of these animated skulls.

    All skulls have an AC of 8 and strike as 1HD monsters regardless of size.

Usable by: Wizards make them, anyone can use them.

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3 Responses to [New Magic Item] Magical Skulls: Burstskulls

  1. RAD Colin says:

    Interesting item. The skulls take damage to destroy, but you’ve not listed any Armor Classes to hit them, however.

  2. bat says:

    Excellent points and I love being kept on task. Edited and thank you for pointing these out! 🙂

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