[New Spell] Curse of the Adversary

Curse of the Adversary

Valance stood over the dead man and shuddered. The corpse resembled a happy-go-lucky, saintly version of Chalk.

What troubles you?” Knat the druidess asked.

Just pondering,” replied the priest of the Spider God. “What my opposite would be like.’

Curse of the Adversary (Cleric/Magic-user)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Until removed or one of the subjects is slain.

When cast this magic begins a strange process; an opposite of the cursed victim is created by strange magic, an opposite bent upon the destruction of the cursed person. Usually within one year there is a confrontation, when the cursed person least expects it, that results in a showdown between the subject and their opposite, who has, in the meantime, acquired equivalent abilities and gear to oppose the one they see as the greatest threat to their safety and security. If the curse is detected and dispelled before the confrontation (such as through scrying spells) then the “double” is distracted by bigger problems and wanders off, suddenly oblivious to the cursed person. 

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