[New Spell] Sleeping Village

Sleeping Village

Is this the village that we were supposed to meet the mercenaries at?” Valance asked the others as they drew nearer a quiet town.

Aye, maybe,” Chalk replied. “But I don’t like the looks of the place. It’s too quiet.”

So we are giving up on six hundred silver pieces each?” Koram asked the wizard.

Chalk pondered a moment then nodded.

Yes. I think I would rather lose six hundred silver pieces than my head,” the sorcerer said.

The orc captain glared at Stork as the adventurers left.

Thought you said they dumb and they fall for it!” snarled the orc.

Stork shrugged, as much at a loss as the orcs.

Look at them!” Stork snapped back. “Don’t they look like the sort to fall for this?”

Sleeping Village (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: 60′

Duration: One week + one day per level of wizard (and see below)

Thought to be the creation of a wily orc conjurer ages ago, the Sleeping Village spell transforms any dilapidated collection of buildings into a bustling village, minus the inhabitants. This effect is visual, auditory and olfactory in nature; pies are in windowsills cooling and the farm animals are rooting around, ready to be fed, a soft breeze blowing through the trees. This is, of course, all an elaborate trap; the longer one stays in this village the sleepier one gets. For every hour spent in this quiet town all victims must make a save versus spells or become drowsy, as if a sleep spell were cast. In this way orc tribes have swept into areas after squads have nestled deep in the village and fallen asleep. This affects all creatures, regardless of hit dice and affected undead are Slowed (as per the spell).

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