[New Magic Item] Magical Skulls: The Obsidian skull of Drok-Olap

Magical Skulls: Obsidian Skull of Drok-Olap

Just put the thing over your head, that’s what it is meant for,” Chalk told Koram.

What if it is cursed and something bad happens?” the fighter retorted.

It isn’t cursed,” Valance offered. The priest of the Spider God actually didn’t know for sure, but this is the sort of advice he usually offers.

Reluctantly Koram lowered the huge black skull over his head. The skull’s eyes began to glow and the jaws snapped viciously, hideous laughter escaped from the things mouth. Chalk and Valance bolted for safety while Koram laughed.

The Obsidian Skull of Drok-Olap looks just like a hollowed out giant’s skull and it is said to be the skull of a fire giant marauder that was laid low by magic and then cursed to having his skull turned into a mgic item. This dark, stony skull radiates magic strongly, which tends to keep a lot of people away from it.

Benefit: If the Obsidian Skull of Drok-Olap is placed up one’s head, the following happens:

  1. Once per day the wearer may assume giant form, which grants an extra 3d6 hit points and allows the person to throw boulders for 2d6 damage. However, this makes Small targets hard to hit (-2 to hit creatures such as gnomes). Can be maintained for 1d6 turns.

  2. The person who places this skull over their own head may cause Fear (as per the Cleric spell) three times per day as a 6th level cleric.

  3. In combat the Obsidian Skull grants the wearer an additional bite attack for 1d8 points of damage.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Magical Skulls: The Obsidian skull of Drok-Olap

  1. trey says:

    You know, it’s the details that make a great magic item. I love the fact that the user wears it..and can bite people with it! Great stuff.

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