[New Magic Item] Orc treasure: Brawler Gauntlets

Orc treasure: Brawler Gauntlets

Koram looked confused as the band of orcs laughed at him. The fighter raised a gauntleted fist into the air and gave a war-shout.

Ugluk!”one of the orcs said.

Koram’s fingers suddenly locked together, his Crystal Sword still dangling from his side, sheathed, but he was helpless to draw the devastating blade.

Valance suddenly appeared.

Using a new method of fighting?” he asked Koram.

Get some spiders on them, quick!” the fighter urged the priest of the Spider God. “I need the word to reverse this predicament!”

Often dropped into orc treasure hordes by unscrupulous orcs (is there a scrupulous one?) these battle-worn thick metal gauntlets are quite impressive looking. Said to be a gift from an orc trickster god to a shifty leader among the evil humanoids, it is said that the secret words to activate these magic items are commonly taught to young orc warriors in case they encounter any non-orcs wearing these magic items into battle.

Benefit: These thick, heavy gauntlets are a boon to any fighter, cleric or ranger donning them in battle for these magical gauntlets deal 1d8+1 points of damage in combat and grant the wearer a +2 on any rolls involving strength or to strike in combat, which makes them truly devastating. However, any orc who utters the word “Ugluk” within 30′ of the Brawler Gauntlets causes any non-orc (half-orcs count as orcs for these purposes) wearing these gauntlets to make a save versus magic devices at -1 or have the fingers of the two gauntlets lock together. The damage dealt is still 1d8+1 and there is still a +2 bonus for strength and strike rolls, but the wearer cannot remove the gauntlets or use their hands for anything as they are locked together. Only the death of the orc who uttered the command word or somehow convincing the orc to say word (Nakla) will cause these magical gauntlets to release.

Usable by: Fighters, clerics and rangers.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Orc treasure: Brawler Gauntlets

  1. trey says:

    The only thing that would improve these is if they were caestus.

  2. satyre says:

    Gauntlets that force you to fight like Captain Kirk… so very yoinked!

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