[New Magic Item] Necklace of Armor Weakening

Necklace of Armor Weakening

Nudge the gnome thief barely warned the others before the hobgoblins sprang upon them. Koram rushed forward, drawing his Crystal Sword. One of the startled hobgoblins, who looked to be a shaman or witch doctor, grasped the necklace at his throat. Koram slowed his pace as three hobgoblin archers released their arrows. Chalk threw out a spell that created a mist among the hobgoblins that made them drowsy.

They get by your armor?” Knat asked the fighter.

Koram nodded.

Just before the archers let fly,” he replied. “That wizardy looking hobgoblin grabbed that necklace and my armor seemed a bit lighter for some reason.”

Valance carefully removed the arrows from Koram, taking as many pain-numbing bites from the emerald green spiders as he administered.

If you don’t stop rushing into these things you are going to force me to learn healing magic!” the priest of the Spider God chided.

Rare relics thought to have been created by the devious pacifists of Nijorki, a Necklace of Armor Weakening is a beautifully wrought silver necklace with a large polished sapphire set in it (roughly 2800 gold piece value). The bane of many a stalwart fighter, many troops have been urged to kill the person wearing one of these annoying magic items on sight.

Benefit: When worn, a Necklace of Armor Weakening may, three times per day, raise (or lower, depending on whether you are using descending or ascending AC) of any opponents of the wearer in a 60′ radius. Anyone affected who fails a saving throw versus spell-like devices at -1 will have their armor reduced by one level. For example, someone wearing studded leather would find that their AC has gone from 7 to 8 (although the value can never go beyond Unarmored [9]) and that any bonuses are suddenly negated. This affects lasts for 1d4 rounds, after which the armor (and any bonuses) return as normal.

Usable by: Anyone.

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