[New Spell] Feralality


What sort of parade is that?” Vistis the Blue Mage asked aloud.

Stork peered out the window of the inn and saw the procession as it passed by.

Ah, the mayor, riding all high and mighty on his big horse!” exclaimed Stork. The wizard then began shuffling through a stack of scrolls. He murmured a spell in a grave tone. The mayor’s horse bucked suddenly and violently, dislodging its rider, who landed unceremoniously in the mud. The crowd was silent, but a thin, reedy laughter could be heard from the window of an inn.

Bring me the head of whoever is in that room!” shouted the mayor as he stood slowly. Several guards scuttled off towards the inn, weapons drawn.

Vistis the Blue Mage turned to regard Stork through his lacquered mask.

Now what?” the illusionist asked.

We can take down those guards easily enough,” Stork sneered. “But then we’d better make a run for it before the actual warriors show up.”

Feralality (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: 30′ + 5′ radius per level of caster

Duration: Three turns per level of wizard.

When this arcane spell is cast all domesticated (familiars are exempt from the effects of this spell) animals within the radius of the spell suddenly become wild and feral. Some of these animals will attack their owners, some will attempt to bolt and run, all will become unpredictable for the duration of the spell. This can be as minor as a cat hissing and scratching or as serious as a horse bucking it rider off and causing serious injury.

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