[New Spell] Hunter’s Oath

Hunter’s Oath

Koram and Chalk were drinking ale in a dingy little pub in the village of Podge when the door opened and a strange figure appeared; a bent elderly man in dun robes.

Who wants to join the hunt to help Podge through the winter?” the old man asked the crowd. Before anyone could leap up to volunteer the old man tapped the timber floor of the pub with his staff.

A short time later Koram and Chalk were out in the woods with a group of peasants hunting for deer.

And this,” Chalk announced. “Is exactly why we shouldn’t sneak into town for a drink while letting our companions think that we are out scouting!”

Hunter’s Oath (Druid)

Level 3

Range: A 20’+5′ per level of druid radius

Duration: Two days or until the desired effect is achieved.

This druid spell was created to provide enough food for a small community and is sometimes cast upon a group of peasants or anyone that can be wrangled into helping. For the duration of the spell all affected have a +2 bonus to resist hunger, thirst, fatigue and the elements, effectively being able to remain fully functional for up to two days, yet those affected also feel a compulsion to hunt, which is hard to resist (save versus spells at -1 to resist this dweomer). This protection is meant to assist hunters and keep them alert and healthy while on the hunt to provide sustenance for their communities. For those that choose to abuse this protection druids have other spells to deal with them. This spell lasts for two days or for a shorter period of time if the proper amount of game is harvested.

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  1. Added to Links to Wisdom after seeing Spawn of Endra’s recommendation.

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