[New Spell] Suddenly Musical

Suddenly Musical

Chalk and the others heard the music coming from the Drunken Dragon Inn of Bottle from a block away. As darkness fell their spirits were still lifted by the melodies that floated gently on the evening breeze. As the adventurers drew nearer they saw the warm light pouring from the inn’s windows.

It’s almost like coming home,” Koram said.

It’s probably as near as we will ever get,” Chalk commented.

As Knat opened the door Graff the innkeeper rushed out and welcomed the road weary travelers with a big smile.

We heard that you were coming a couple of days ago. I made preparations and you all have warm beds for as long as you like!” Graff said.

As they entered they saw a band of musicians playing local folk tunes.

Is that the blacksmith’s son playing the lute?” the Scholar of Wexos asked. “I didn’t know he had it in him!”

Well,” Graff whispered to the illusionist. “Until I paid the wizard to get him to play like that he didn’t have it in him. Yet we heard that your group of adventurers freed the land of a terrible dragon, and for that we are all grateful!”

Chalk and the others looked at each other blankly.

And what a terrible fight it was!” Nudge the gnome thief said gruffly. “I am parched from it! Where’s the ale?!”

Suddenly Musical (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch/immediate area

Duration: Three days + 1 day per level of wizard.

When cast upon the acoustically cursed this spell causes the recipient to be able to play a musical instrument like a natural musician. This is only for one instrument at a time but at the end of the spell’s duration the affected party rolls percentile die and if he or she rolls under a base of 15% + 1% per level of the casting magic-user then the spell has become permanent and that person can play that instrument intuitively from then on.


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2 Responses to [New Spell] Suddenly Musical

  1. BigFella says:

    Ah, I was hoping this spell caused spontaneous musical numbers to break out, but this is cool too… 🙂

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