[New Spell] Gift of Flight

Gift of Flight

How are we going to cross this enchanted river?” Chalk asked the others. “We need to secure a rope in the trees on the other side.”

The cold swift waters held many dark secrets, the secrets of countless souls lured into the water’s depths.

Can’t you fly over there?” Koram asked the wizard.

I don’t know every spell!” Chalk replied.

Knat the druidess lead the party’s goat, their only pack animal, to the water’s edge.

Nudge, I have a job for you,” she said. With a gentle tap the got bleated and grew soft feathery wings.

Why me?” the astonished gnome asked.

Because you are the only one of us that will fit on its back. Just tie the rope over there to a tree for us, will you?” “Knat answered.

Awkwardly Nudge and the goat took into the air and sailed across the wide river.

Couldn’t you have just put wings on him?” Chalk asked the druidess.

Oh sure!” Knat said. “But can we trust him to not just fly off at any point?”

Gift of Flight (Druid)

Level 6

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent.

Unlike the magic-user spell, Fly, Gift of Flight will endow any creature without wings with the ability to fly permanently by creating a pair of wings that allow the target of the spell to leave the ground. Maximum speed is 150′ per round (which can be varied, but the creature affected cannot hover). Most druids will not cast this spell on creatures with an Intelligence above Low (5) to avoid all sorts of mischief caused by flying characters. Even though this spell is permanent a Dispel Magic spell will affect the winged creature, causing the wings to disappear, unlike beasts like the pegasus or griffon who came by their wings naturally.

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  1. David says:


    Also, I think you used “their” when you wanted to use “there”

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