[New Spell] Leaf Message

Leaf Message

The Scholar of Wexos looked over at his cousin as the druidess held a handful of leaves.

What are you doing?” the illusionist asked the druidess.

Leaving Chalk a message before we head deeper into the forest,” she replied.

Is it safe?” the Scholar of Wexos inquired.

Moreso than leaving an obvious sign that someone else can interpret,” Knat said. “I would hope that Chalk will spot this particular leaf meant for him as it should glow among all the other leaves.”

If they meet us in the depths of the forest we will know,” the illusionist commented.

Leaf Message (Druid)

Level 1

Range: Touch

Duration: Two days per level of druid.

When Leaf Message is cast upon a single leaf a message is recorded on that leaf that is intended for one recipient. This leaf is usually left in an inconspicuous place, such as in a pile of similar leaves or among the pages of a book. The intended reader of the message can see the leaf clearly standing out from the others as this leaf will glow for them, all others only have a 5% chance of finding this leaf if they are not looking for it and a 15% chance if they are. The message stays on the leaf for two days per level of druid after which time it slowly fades away.

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