[New Magic Item] Filberts of the Wild

Filbert of the Wild

Knat the druidess frowned at the gnome thief as the latter retrieved a filbert from his pocket.

What?” Nudge asked.

Where did you find that?” she inquired.

Does it matter? There is a troll sneaking towards us through the woods!” the gnome replied.

A hulking figure growled as it lumbered through the undergrowth. Nudge reeled back to throw the nut at the troll. Knat snatched the filbert from the gnome’s hand.

Hey! Do you mind? I was going to throw this at the troll!” Nudge snapped.

Actually, I do mind, these were not meant for mischievous gnomes to go throwing about!” retorted Knat.

When you two quit bickering there is a troll to fell over here!” Chalk yelled over at the quarreling adventurers.

Created by druids to keep on hand in emergencies, Filberts of the Wild are brittle nuts that have been enchanted to protect the wielder from attackers. Carried on missions in more dangerous areas, Filberts of the Wild have saved druids from marauding bandits and deadly monsters. Druids consider these magical nuts to be somewhat sacred and are loathe to sell them.

Benefit: Filberts of the Wild can be created by a druid of at least 3rd level that has access to filberts. When thrown these magic items create a zone 10′ in diameter that causes all who would harm the druid and his or her companions to be -2 on all rolls to hit and to be unable to regenerate or otherwise heal themselves for 1d4+2 rounds. This effect can last after the melee (if the fight lasts beyond the number of rounds rolled) and this area follows those affected and can include others with foul intentions towards the one who threw the filbert. Druids will generally not sell these magic items and may become obsessed with retrieving them from non-druids if they feel that these enchanted filberts were obtained through questionable means.

Usable by: Anyone.

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