[New Magic Item] Witherblight

Witherblight (orc war-hammer)

Koram drew his Crystal Sword and stood to face the orc bandit lord. The fierce humanoid growled and swung its war-hammer chaotically, getting passed the fighter’s defenses and smashed the hammer against Koram’s right shoulder. The human howled in pain and dropped his Crystal Sword as the orc laughed.

That’s enough of that!” Chalk shouted as he threw a spell at the orc. Thin lines of crackling energy raced at the humanoid and the thing snarled as the magic connected to it. The monster turned and retreated into the darkness of the trees.

Koram sank to the ground.

What’s the matter?” Chalk asked.

The fighter winced and held the arm struck by the orc.

Some dark magic is in that beast’s hammer! My arm is useless!” Koram replied.

I am getting the others and we are going after that orc, we need to find out what has happened to your arm!” the wizard said as he collected his arcane trappings. “Keep an eye on the camp while we are gone.”

A crudely made war-hammer. Made for the orc warlord Grukla, Witherblight is a dreadful weapon of the orcs, made of strange metals deep underground and cursed by evil wizards. Many dwarf warriors have taken this weapon over the ages, only to have it mysteriously reclaimed by orc bandits and marauders time and time again. In battle Witherblight looks impressive, with a thick handle of dark wood and a head of black metal covered in glowing red runes in the orc tongue.

Benefit: In combat Witherblight is +1 to hit and does 2d4+4 points of damage. In addition, anyone struck by this cursed war-hammer must make a save versus spell-like devices at -1 or have one arm or leg (randomly generated) go limp and seem to wither. This dreadful situation lasts for 1d4 days, after which time the limb returns to normal. During the time that the limb is withered the affected has -2 to Constitution and is -2 to hit in combat. Multiple strikes by this hammer may wither all of a target’s limbs, but the penalty cannot go beyond -4 to hit, although the number of days is cumulative.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a war-hammer.

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