[New Encounter] Wizard-hunters of Nalaj

Wizard-hunters of Nalaj



The dwarf mercenary punched Koram in the stomach with a steel gauntlet. The fighter reeled in pain, the wind knocked out of him.

What’s happen…” Chalk began as he entered the common room of the inn.

A band of shifty ruffians all turned to look at the sorcerer.

There’s our answer, boys!” snarled one of the scoundrels.

Wizard-hunters!” Koram managed to blurt out.

Chalk spun on his heels and ran for it, squeezing between Knat and Valance. The priest of the Spider God cocked an eyebrow and withdrew a nasty looking spider from the folds of his robe.

Problem, gentlemen?” the chaotic cleric asked.



At one time unique to the sorcerous city Nalaj are two factions that sometimes clash; the Mageguard; those duty-bound to protect a particular spellcaster and the Wizard-hunters; an often sporadic and ragtag band of bounty hunters and mercenaries that partake in the Greatest Hunt, an annual event in which a spellcaster’s name is drawn and that person is hunted down, regardless of where the target is in the world (or out of it). The names that go into the lottery are usually of those wizards and witches that have somehow broken the major laws of Nalaj, but it is not uncommon for a name to slip into the pot of someone who just infuriated the wrong person.

In the game: The Wizard-hunters are sometimes (in the case of some shortage of participants due to untimely death or other situation) also drawn by lot, so it is possible for an adventuring party to consist of hunter and prey, both randomly selected by the Guild of Arcana of Nalaj. Wizard-hunters are well rewarded for capturing their targets (these rewards include being able to cast up to 1d4 low level spells for non-spellcasters or gaining additional spells for those who already cast spells as well as a reward in gold and a magic item) and in a strange twist it has been decreed that if a target of the Wizard-hunters eludes those seeking him or her for one year that they too are similarly rewarded and their name removed from the lottery for 1d4 years.

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2 Responses to [New Encounter] Wizard-hunters of Nalaj

  1. trey says:

    I like this a lot. It has a lot of potential to be a good (and surprising) encounter.

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