[New Magic Item] Staff of the Arcane

Staff of the Arcane

Stork snarled at the young sorcereress.

You will learn to mind your betters when we ask you for information!” the wizard snapped.

Standing defiantly, Talaki tapped her oak staff on the ground as Stork approached with a cruel looking knife. The wizard’s eyes bulged for a moment in surprise and Stork fell to the ground. Talaki followed this immediately by casting a sticky magical web upon Stork.

Best run while you still have legs!” he hissed.

Without taking the time to think of the horrid implications of that threat Talaki spun on her heels and ran off, leaving Stork writhing and struggling in the eldritch strands of web.

Staffs of the Arcane are sometimes given to those spellcasters who have just completed their training and are sent out into the world for one reason or another. While quite powerful, they are also a curse; it is not uncommon for other wizards to covet one of these staffs and send thieves or thugs after one for themselves.

Benefit: A Staff of the Arcane holds three spells that may be used once per day that are the highest cast-able level of the wizard or lower. Initially these spells are tailored for the spellcaster, but those used or found may have three random spells attached. This is meant to give a wizard or illusionist an extra boost when starting out. In addition, once per turn a Staff of the Arcane may be tapped upon the ground, disrupting the movement of enemies within a 40′ radius. All enemies within this zone must save versus spell-like devices at -1 or be knocked to the ground for 1d3 rounds. Foes with 4HD or less are also dazed (-2 to hit) for 1d4 rounds.

Usable by: Illusionists and magic-users.

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4 Responses to [New Magic Item] Staff of the Arcane

  1. 5 Stone Games says:

    Nice item. Strong but not too strong and scalable. I like it.

  2. David says:

    So the spells are the same level as the wizard, or the highest level of spell castable by the wizard? If the first, what happens at level 10?

    I could definitely see giving this to a level 1 wizard…

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