[New Magic Item] Cloak of the Narrow Escape

Cloak of the Narrow Escape

Nudge!” Chalk yelled to the gnome on the rooftop. “See anything?”

Nothing! He must have gotten away somehow!” the diminutive thief called back.

How that guy got away from us is amazing! I had a handful of gold in that backpack,” Koram said.

Unless he leaves town he will at least be easy to spot wearing that cloak,” commented the Scholar of Wexos. “Dressed as shabbily as he was, that shining gold and silver cloak would really make him stand out in a crowd.”

Reputedly created for an elf thief of dubious reputation who redeemed himself by a heroic act, the Cloak of the Narrow Escape is a beautifully made cloak with silver and gold thread woven in a shimmering pattern. Not much in the way of subtlety, it has saved many an adventurer in a pinch.

Benefit: The wearer of this magical cloak can re-roll one failed die roll per day and has +1 added to their Dexterity score while wearing the cloak.

Usable by: Anyone.

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