[New Magic Item] Shield of the Relentless

Shield of the Relentless

Is that guy still following us?” Chalk asked.

The Scholar of Wexos glanced around nonchalantly and homed in on the young knight.

Yes,” replied the illusionist. “He is.”

Impossible! We used magic to get over that lake and he had no boat! It should have taken him days to walk around as he seemed to have already lost his horse,” exclaimed Chalk in surprise.

Some people really, really want to join our band,” chimed in Koram.

Most would probably reconsider if they knew what the pay was like,” quipped Valance.

Forged ages ago by the dwarfs of the Dread Mountains for a human prince tasked with many harrowing quests, this large shield is not only handy in battle, but also becomes a boat or a sled to assist an adventurer in getting from point “A” to point “B”.

Benefit: This shield grants +2 to the AC of the bearer and will transform into a small round boat or sled (movement rate of 60′) that up to three people can ride in.

Usable by: Fighters and clerics.

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