[New Magic Item] Dagger of the Unfortunate Thief

Dagger of the Unfortunate Thief

Nudge the gnome scouted ahead of the others, picking his way quietly through the gnarled limbs and brambles. Spotting a kobold sentry just outside of a small camp of kobolds the gnome couldn’t resist trying out his new dagger to dispatch the malign creature and sneak back to tell the others. Quietly Nudge slipped up to the vile humanoid and struck with his dagger. A loud yip of pain could be heard from one of the other kobolds as the gnome’s target began to bark a warning to the others. In a panic Nudge turned and fled towards the camp of his fellow adventurers, pursued by a pack of snarling kobolds.

Koram heard a commotion as Nudge came hollering back to the camp.

That gnome sounds like a wounded dragon crashing through the woods!” the fighter exclaimed just before the gnome, followed by the kobold war party, crashed into the camp of the adventurers.

This cursed dagger has been used by many a would-be assassin or burglar who has met a foul end due to the tricky nature of the knife. Made of magically hardened silver the dagger is of dubious origin, with whispers alluding to a mad elven smith who made several of these to give to humans to cause strife and misadventure among them.

Benefit: When used against one foe the Dagger of Random Stabs always does damage to that particular enemy when a hit is made. However, when more than one foe is encountered the dagger will do damage to an enemy chosen at random (that is within 60′) with only a slight chance (a roll of 1 on a d8) that the intended target will be struck. When trying to hit one target stealthily it is often found out too late that another target has actually taken the damage, which often brings unwanted attention to the wielder of the dagger.This +1 dagger deals 1d4+2 points of damage in combat.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a knife.

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