[New Magic Item] Crown of the Goblin Knave

Crown of the Goblin Knave

Koram ran into the camp of the adventurers as fast as he could.

There’s a big, and I mean big, goblin coming this way! It looks like a god of goblins or something!” the fighter said in an almost out of breath manner. As if to punctuate his statement everyone heard a hideous snarl not too far away.

Knat the druidess grabbed her staff and headed towards the sound.

What are you doing?” Koram asked.

Buying you guys some time to break camp, I will be fine, just hurry!” she replied.

The crafty druidess quietly crept through the trees until she saw the dreadful thing sniffing about. As large as a giant and as ugly as a goblin it was. Before it noticed her she uttered a spell and tapped her staff upon the ground. The earth beneath the giant goblin’s feet immediately turned to mud and as the monster saw Knat and lunged towards her it sank to its hips in quicksand, snarling and clawing until it suddenly became scared for its own safety. Instantly the goblin shrank to normal size and began crawling away over the top of the mud.

The tricky goblin Bokki the Undeserving (a title acquired after the bestowal of this magic item, but not told to his face very often) was given a strange crown of crude metal for his role in the battle against the elves of Forlaren Forest by the vile sorcerer known only as Nightshade. Nobody is quite sure what Bokki had done for this tremendous boon, but the treacherous goblin has shown great loyalty to Nightshade and uses the crown to root out enemies of the foul wizard.

Benefit: The Crown of the Goblin Knave (actually a powerful artifact from another time) gives the wearer an additional 2HD when worn and can be used once per day to turn into a Hill Giant sized version of oneself for up to four hours. This new form has all of the statistics and capabilities of a Hill Giant while retaining the intelligence and look of the wearer of the crown. Note that all weapons or spells that specifically affect giants will also affect the person wearing this crown in giant form.

Usable by: Anyone.

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