[New Spell] Sheltering Forest

Sheltering Forest

Chalk peeked outside of the small magical lodging that Knat had crafted for the party of adventurers.

I see Stork and Vistis trudging through the snow! They are looking around suspiciously!” the wizard reported to the others.

Do we need to prepare for their nonsense?” Koram asked as he sat up, suddenly alert.

Valance took note as well and began whispering a spell.

No!” hissed Knat at the priest of the Spider God. “Don’t you go calling those things and fill our sanctuary with spiders! I didn’t make this refuge so that you could fill it with your little friends!”

Valance sulked.

Sheltering Forest (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 20′ + 5′ per level of caster

Duration: One day per level of druid.

The Sheltering Forest spell allows a druid to create a small area, large enough to hold up to six people and their belongings that protects the druid and/or others from the elements. The temperature inside will be pleasant and a small natural chimney will allow for small cooking fires. This shelter can even be up in the trees, with limbs woven together to keep out prying eyes. The natural materials that make up the shell or outer layer of this temporary refuge not only keep out the cold (or heat) and the elements, but also have 2HD worth of material that needs to be broken through to get at the occupants and magically hides those inside, even with a cooking fire (-1 to all rolls for those seeking this type of dwelling or to see this sanctuary as unusual or out of the ordinary).

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