[New Deity] Bakki



Step aside, ruffian!” the young duke snarled at the grizzled man.

The older man just smiled a curious smile.

Not today, whelp, today your family learns a powerful lesson,” the man replied.

Oh ho!” jeered the duke. “And what would that be?”

The man drew two vicious looking maces that suddenly smoked with dark power.

To buy your siblings better manners!” Bakki replied just before his maces hit home.



Greater Deity

Bakki, The Defier of Order
Alignment: Chaotic
Spheres of Influence: Disorder, mayhem and chaos.

Symbol: A skull with spidery legs
Typical Worshipers: Chaos cultists, malcontents, and many monsters.

Hit Points (if you need them): 250

Bakki is an ancient blight, an evil on par with Lozag or Kebez, but much more obvious and direct in his dealings. The Defier of Order constantly works against established societies, encouraging upheaval and disorder at every turn. Some sages think that this is because Bakki is simply so old that he doesn’t understand society as it is today and lashes out at it, trying to bring all civilization back to a simpler time. Others just think (mostly to themselves), that Bakki is insane.

Unlike many chaotic deities Bakki does not hide behind dozens of masks; he generally appears as a somewhat grizzled thin man. In a strange twist, Bakki will also work with deities of nature that are wrathful against the progress of civilization.


Abilities: Bakki can cast any eight Druid or Magic-User spells up to three times per day as an 11th level druid or wizard respectively, with an emphasis on spells that cause disruption or can tear down, mar or defile society. Bakki fights as a 13th level Fighter, wielding two +2 maces that deal 1d12+4 points of damage with no penalty to hit for the off hand.


Awe: Bakki has an unusual look about him, those attempting to hit Defier of Order are -1 to do so.


Honor Guard: It is not uncommon for Bakki to have an entourage of 2d8 4th level marauders (fighters) at his side or up to 16 HD worth of monsters like orcs, trolls or ogres.


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