[New Spell] Image Burn

Image Burn

Falwin, do you recognize any of these people?” the chief constable asked the elf warden turned mercenary (and sometimes collector or bounty hunter).

Yes, I do,” replied the elf. “I had to collect on a debt from this one and a couple of others were there at the time.”

Falwin pointed at images of Valance, Chalk and Koram.

There is a bounty for them,” the constable said. “Especially the fighter, Koram. Three thousand gold pieces for him alone.”

The elf perked up. Three thousand gold pieces was a considerable sum of money.

Who set this bounty?” he inquired.

A mysterious character that came through with an entourage of strangers. They all had an odd look about them, although I never got a clear look at their leader, he was tall and gaunt, but heavily covered, with weird eyes,” answered the constable. “He showed me the money and said that these guys had stolen a sword that is sacred to his family.”

That sounds good enough for me,” said the elf. “I will get my gear and start hunting these scoundrels.”

Image Burn (Illusionist)

Level 1

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent.

This spell allows an illusionist to burn an image onto a blank piece of parchment, canvas or onto the page of a book, controlling the size and amount of detail. The resulting image is can be used to create bestiaries, wanted posters or, in the case of less than scrupulous casters, a template to “paint by numbers” with. Demand for this type of spell is quite high in some areas and many illusionists can earn a decent living casting this spell. Up to three images may be created per casting of this spell, plus one per level of illusionist. If a particular subject is within sight of the illusionist the picture is 90% convincing/recognizable, otherwise it is 60%.

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