[New Magic Item (Cursed)] Instruments of Downfall

Instruments of Downfall

Valance first noticed that something was wrong as they approached the inn.

Let me send in a spider, I don’t like the look of this place,” he said.

Moments later a horrid looking spider scuttled back to the priest of the Spider God.

It is as I feared, some monster is in their, a creature in foul armor bearing a sword that drips of ancient plagues,” Valance reported to the others.

What do we do?” asked Koram.

Burn it down,” Chalk said. “Then keep moving and try to find those evil musicians.”

The Instruments of Downfall are similar in origin to the Horn of Malice, but operate a little differently. They appear, often together, as well made musical instruments; a mandolin, a harp, a drum and a lute. Instead of being made on the lower planes, these are thought to be “gifts” from foul or mischievous deities. Regardless of their origin, these are rather odious instruments.

Benefit: When played for at least thirty consecutive minutes (or a session of several songs) these instruments each cause one foul creature (that is particularly evil and powerful) within three miles to take notice and head in the direction that the music was played. The summoned creature must be intelligent and will be drawn to the initial location that the music was played when it heard the call after the music has ended. Sometimes the musician has already left the area (especially if they know what these instruments do) and leave those in that place to their own devices when the evil creature and any entourage it has built up arrive.

Usable by: Anyone.

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