[New Magic Item] Twistwood Leaves

Twistwood Leaves

The armored elf rode into town on a gray steed, looking disdainfully at the gathering of peasants and riffraff. Then he saw a familiar face and hailed the elf mercenary.

Falwin! I have news from Twistwood!” called the elf fighter.

Balefor, my friend! What is it?” hailed the elf mercenary.

We have heard of the whereabouts of one of our king’s precious Leaves. A gnome thief, of some dubious skill, has stolen a handful and may yet retain one. He goes by the name of Nudge and may be traveling with a group of adventurers that include a wizard and a priest of the Spider God,” Balefor said.

Falwin laughed mirthfully and his friend looked confused.

What joy do you find in this? The Leaves of Twistwood are not to be used without consent of the King of the Wood!” chided Balefor.

Oh, it is not that, my friend!” Falwin said as composed himself. “I am already hunting two of that band of scoundrels, this only adds to the game!”

May I join you?” Balefor asked.

Two elves against five humans and a gnome?” laughed Falwin. “They do not have a chance!”

The silvery trees in the depths of the Twistwood Forest only shed their leaves at the behest of the elven king, a rare thing indeed. Oh, the elves do change the colors of the leaves with their strange magic, but the trees hold on tight to these leaves except on rare occasions. Thieves who have gotten passed the wards, traps and sentries of the elves to steal just one leaf are rare indeed, but an elf who recognizes these leaves outside of the Twistwood Forest often questions the tale told (sometimes at knifepoint) by the bearer.

Benefit: a Twistwood Leaf will fit easily into a pocket and is quiet durable, resisting normal wear and tear and has can withstand 6 hit points of damage (it will regenerate 1 hp per day that it takes less than 6 and still retain its magic) before being rendered unusable. Three times per day a Twistwood Leaf may be used for any one of the following (bearer’s choice): To check on the general condition of a friend, family member or companion not in the immediate area, the Leaf may be used to remove the effects of Fear (by spell or item/creature) on up to four individuals at a time, the Twistwood Leaf may lend up to 4 hit points to its bearer and will regenerate 1 hp per day on its own or a Twistwood Leaf can be used to allow the owner to Move Silently as a 9th level Thief (73%).

Usable by: Anyone.

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