[New Magic Item] Scroll of Summoning

Scroll of Summoning


Stork ran for his life, dodging the celestial creature as it raced after him. Darting into a ramshackle tavern, the sorcerer ran through the establishment, upsetting tables and spilling trays along the way. Angry growls and shouts followed him to the back door. Without thinking twice Stork plunged outside and was immediately pounced upon by the celestial.

That is the oldest trick there is!” laughed the angelic creature.

What have I done?” lamented Stork as dozens of possibilities ran through his mind.

Oh, I have a list here on you! However, I am just going to remove you from this place, as per the request of my saintly summoner. Were it up to me…” answered the celestial as it glared hungrily at Stork.

Stork awoke some time later and realized that he was high up in a mountain range, somewhere. In a large nest. A very large nest.

In a state of absolute panic the wizard scrambled out of the nest and looked down. It would be a long, difficult climb down and then a long walk back to civilization.


First used ages ago by the king of Arlono when enemies were upon him in his private chambers, a scroll of summoning conjures one extra-planar creature with virtually the same alignment as the reader. Highly sought after, this sort of magic that everyone can use is quite rare and sometimes destroyed or hidden by magic-users who do not feel that others should wield such power. Very few, if any, know how to create such magical items anymore.

Benefit: Upon reading the scroll aloud a creature is summoned forth from the planes beyond; a celestial, fey or elemental or infernal, based upon the alignment of the summoner. This creature is usually in the 6HD+ range and will remain for one hour per level of the one who called upon it. This creature will not harm its summoner willingly and when the duration of its time is up will report back to its home plane regarding the one who conjured it.

Usable by: Anyone who can read a scroll.

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