[New Magic Item] Horn of Dread

Horn of Unnerving


Chalk cringed before the orc warriors. Their leader had just sounded a strange horn that made an eerie sound.

Should we attack them?” Koram asked.

I think not, something about these orcs is rather unnerving,” observed Chalk.

Valance returned from his scouting.

Why are those orcs standing there and looking menacing, and why aren’t you two killing them?” inquired the priest of the Spider God.

Don’t they seem a bit intimidating?” the fighter asked.

Valance stared at Koram in disbelief.

Have you two gone soft? Four orcs? Nevermind, I will handle them myself!” huffed the cleric as he began summoning spiders. The orcs squealed in terror and ran off. Valance shook his head at Chalk and Koram.


This strange, twisted horn is reputed to be from a creature from the depths of the Mythic Underworld, a type of devil that crawled up from the twisting paths to the Infernal Realms and stayed on the Material Plane. Tales tell that a crafty necromancer trapped several of these creatures and when they died for him in battle he cut off their horns to make these magic items.

Benefit: Blowing on this strange horn will cause all foes within a 60′ radius to become full of dread and feel that the enemy has strange qualities or abilities that make them not worth fighting. Enemies are -1 to strike in combat and magic cast by enemy spellcasters has a +1 modifier to resist for two rounds after the horn is sounded. May be used three times per day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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