[New Spell] Windride


Without warning the wiry goblins sprang upon the adventurers, determined to get at Chalk. Koram skewered one hissing monster with his Crystal Sword as Valance called spiders to bite and chase two others. A fourth goblin, more ferocious looking than the rest, eluded the fighter and the priest of the Spider God, but not Knat the druidess. She tapped her oak staff on the ground and pointed at the goblin assassin.

Top of Dragonfire Mountain!” she shouted.

The goblin sneered at first. Then the wind began to twist and curl and snatched the struggling creature up and along the tops of hedges and bushes, up higher and higher, the thing screaming and flailing until it was lost from sight.

I can take care of myself!” Chalk snorted.

Fine! Next time we will stand around cleaning our nails while you fight off would-be assassins!” Valance snapped.

Just why are goblins after you all of a sudden?” the Scholar of Wexos asked.

You know, that is a good question,” Chalk replied with a puzzled look on his face.

Windride (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Self or touch

Duration: Three turns plus one turn per level of druid.

Druids use this spell to conjure a swift wind that will carry one person (either the druid or an individual selected by the druid) to a destination within range of the spell or at least in that direction. This wind speeds along up to 30 miles per hour and is controlled by its rider. When the spell’s duration is up the breeze gently sets the rider down on a safe surface. This spell may also be used to carry an unwilling target away from the caster or to a certain destination. The subject must make a save versus spells at -1 or be taken to a location chosen by the druid. 

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