[New Magic Item] Barrels of Rhyme

Barrels of Rhyme

Chalk looked at the gnome as unimpressed as one could get.

What’s the deal with the barrels?” the wizard asked. “They don’t look that impressive.”

Ah, maybe not on the outside, but on the inside they are amazing!” replied an excited Nudge. “I was raised in one myself! I was so happy the day I got a barrel-home of my own!”

Well, that explains a lot and is hardly surprising, but you want me to climb into a barrel?” Chalk inquired.

Nudge smirked an pulled a cork out of his pocket and tapped it on the barrel. With a “Pop!” the lid came loose and the gnome scrambled inside, urging Chalk to follow him. Reluctantly the wizard crawled into the barrel and found…a room at the other end, well lit and spacious. Nudge adjusted cushions and pillows for Chalk to get comfortable on while the wizard marveled at all the loot the small thief had acquired.

During a housing shortage in the town of Rhyme an enterprising wizard, the son of a cooper (or barrel-maker) came up with the idea of enchanting barrels so that one could enter them and the reverse end of the barrel would lead to a small pocket dimension that served as a small, comfortable living space, ventilated by a tiny conduit to the elemental plane of Air. This idea caught on and now these small apartments can be found in many places and vary in size, depending on the occupant.

Benefit: Instead of a key a special cork is issued to the owner of the Barrel of Rhyme that has been attuned to that particular barrel. When the key is tapped on the lid of the barrel it can be slid to the side and enter may then be gained to the living space beyond. Small barrels can accommodate up to four gnomes while the largest can be roomy enough for two ogres (or a family of medium sized creatures like humans or elves) to live in. The barrel can be upright, on its side or upside down and the room beyond is not affect as the barrel is a door only and not technically attached to the room beyond. If one of these barrels takes over 6 points of damage (8 in the case of the largest barrels) it is rendered useless and another barrel must be made to work with the cork-key. Rumors persist of linked barrels in which a two or more will create a larger living area (and another egress).

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Barrels of Rhyme

  1. trey says:

    This could make stowing away aboard ship a much more comfortable experience.

    • bat says:

      I can see them stacked up in housing complexes, and the players are trying to find one particular tenant and annoying many more in the process.

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