[New Magic Item] Mirrors of Snarb

Mirrors of Snarb

How does a revolution happen in one night?” a bewildered Koram asked Graff the innkeeper of the Drunken Dragon Inn. “There was no siege?”

Apparently not,” replied the gruff innkeeper. “Just one day we heard the duke was gone and we had a new leader. Some elf with a long name. No worse than the duke, really.”

Chalk pondered the possibilities, none of them seemed plausible. The Duke of Harping County, which included the town of Bottle, was a paranoid and vain man.

There is one possible solution to this puzzle,” offered the Scholar of Wexos as he looked around for any eavesdroppers. “Has anyone delivered a mirror to the duke within the last few months that you know of?”

Graff took a moment to think back.

Yes, there was a bit of fanfare not three months ago, some fancy mirror from a far off land was delivered to the duke. None of us got to see it, but it was rumored to be beautiful,” he said.

The Scholar of Wexos nodded to himself and later, in the backroom of the inn, revealed what he knew of the legendary Mirrors of Snarb to his companions and the innkeeper.

The Alchemists’ Guild of Snarb have created their famous mirrors for a thousand years, always in pairs for obvious reasons and always with the most decorative frames to make these desirable to possess. Some say that there are even trios or quartets of these mirrors, but these could only be made by the most skilled of alchemists. Commanding a high price, the Mirrors of Snarb have made this town quite wealthy, although the fact that most people do not even know what these mirrors do (and the alchemists are careful to hide the true nature of these magic items) only adds to the mystery.

Benefit: These mirrors can be the size of a full-length mirror, or they can be even bigger, and there is a reason for this. The owner of the mirror (and it is said some master illusionists and alchemists) may pass through one mirror and out from the “twin”. In this way assassins, thieves, anarchists and the occasional ogre henchman can be unleashed on the unwary. Travel time is virtually instantaneous (two rounds). There is a slight (4%) chance that creatures from the astral plane (such as Astral Raiders) will also appear on the Material Plane when these magic items are used.

Usable by: Anyone who owns the mirror and their companions.

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