[New Monster] Makelva



Rid us of the foul creature that lurks below and the king will grant you a full pardon and three thousand gold pieces each!” the man-at-arms told Chalk and his companions.

The wizard carefully crept to the side of the ancient well and looked down.

Something looked up. Something intelligent and malign. Tentacles writhed, in mockery or challenge the wizard could not tell.

Chalk turned to the man-at-arms and cast a quick spell that stunned him and shocked the surrounding guards.

Let’s get out of here! I’ll take my chances with another price on my head before dealing with that thing down there!” the wizard said.

The Scholar of Wexos sighed and shrugged as the group made a circle and prepared to fight their way out of town.


No. Enc.: 1 (Unique?)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 60′ (20′)

Armor Class: 2

Hit Dice: 10+5

Attacks: 3

Damage: 1d6/1d6/1d8 tentacle/tentacle/bite (and see defense below)

Save: F8

Morale: 10

Hoard Class: XIVx2

X.P.: 2200

Little is known about the creature known as the makelva, it may be a unique creature, a member of a race of such horrors or a demi-god of some kind. What is known is that this beast is malign and intelligent. The makelva is roughly the size of a large elephant and looks like it is part slug and part fish with four long tentacles with barbed hooks on the ends. This beast is always in or very near water, the more putrid the better. When attacked the makelva releases a puddle of thick slime from ducts on the sides of its body that radiate out from the beast and slow all around to half of their movement within a 15′ radius of the creature. Few live to escape this ancient evil, but those that have say that the creature also commands giant slugs (the makelva can summon 1d4 giant slugs) that obey its orders and are immune to the slime that the monster exudes.

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