[New Spell] Pursuing Sounds

Pursuing Sounds

Just don't think about it,” Chalk told Koram.
I am sure that it is a simple enough spell that we illusionists can cast,” replied the scholar of Wexos.
The fighter sat with his head in his hands.
I almost got killed back there! All I could hear were strange howls that seemed to come from everywhere,” Koram said.
A week of that will get to you, maybe we can get this dispelled somewhere,” suggested the Scholar of Wexos.
Koram suddenly looked around wildly.
Stop mocking me!”
Valance slid a hand up his sleeve and retrieved a strange green spider.
This, my friend, will take it all away. You won't worry about a thing,” the priest of the Spider God said.
Koram seemed to be considering the offer when Knat suddenly burst into the room of the inn holding a dubious looking human by the scruff of the neck.
I think this weird little spellcaster has something to say to you Koram,” she announced. “Or, I can just turn him into a toad.”

Pursuing Sounds (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One week + one day per level of illusionist.

When Pursuing Sounds is cast upon a subject and this person fails a save versus magic at -1 the target of the spell will be plagued by strange sounds that seem to be near or in the distance that range from vague whispers to howls of rage and despair. It never seems to fail that these eerie noises occur during combat or when the target is negotiating with a merchant or a town guard or some similar situation, at which time the victim of the spell is -1 on all rolls. After one week the target of this spell has a 25% chance of gaining an insanity due to the unsettling sounds.

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