[New Magic item] Lifestone Charm

Lifestone Amulet

Why is Chalk standing out in the rain?” Nudge the gnome thief asked.

He’s crying,” Valance answered.

The gnome looked puzzled.

Don’t look at me! I don’t know why” snapped the priest of the Spider God. “Maybe they throw stones at people who cry in front of others where he comes from, I don’t know. In the Jungles of Thrurl we were tied upside down by our ankles from trees while beaten with sticks for crying in front of others.”

The gnome looked shocked. Humans were strange beings indeed.

Outside in the rain, as the tears rolled down his face, Chalk looked down at the cold piece of quartz in his hand that had lost its glow. His mother was dead.

Simply put a lifestone amulet is a small piece of quartz with a soft glow that emanates from its center and it is slightly warm to the touch. This glow indicates that this minor magic item is attuned to someone and that they are still alive. Caring rulers have been known to have one of these for each of those that they rule and wicked wizards have been known to carry lifestone amulets attuned to their enemies so that they may be satisfied of the death of a foe. Sometimes elven talisman-crafters will travel together, making such charms at low enough prices for most anyone to afford one or two.

Benefit: The only benefit offered by a lifestone amulet is knowing whether the person attuned to the talisman is alive or dead, which can be quite important from time to time. Enemies as well as allies can be assigned to these charms which only indicate life or death and not general well-being. It is said that these amulets will slowly get colder and fade when someone is slowly dying and will instantly get cold in the case of a sudden death.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic item] Lifestone Charm

  1. Derek says:

    Oddly enough, rogue that he is (and not the class), I feel bad for him.

    Worst part is, I know he’s a not very fleshed out piece of imagination …..

  2. bat says:

    Then I’ve done my job!
    I do appreciate that you feel bad for Chalk. That means a lot to me. 🙂

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