[New Magic Item] Cloak of Wolves

Cloak of Wolves

The two elves stood near the edge of the forest, watching the woodsmen as they returned to their small collection of log houses.

And so it begins,” Balefor said.

The other elf smiled.

Did you bring the weapons of the other humans?” Falwin asked.

Balefor nodded.

Falwin strolled forward quietly into the glade. Suddenly four swift and shadowy wolves swirled from the folds of his cloak. He pointed towards the tiny hamlet.

Spare none,” growled the elf. “It is time the humans learned that they are not the dominant people of this world.”

Made by the elves of the Forngladen Forest, a Cloak of Wolves is a cherished magic item not lightly given to others. These magical cloaks are used by elf scouts, wardens and guardians of the elven realms.

Benefit: This well made elven hooded cloak has a stylized wolf on its back. It offers a +1 to the wearer’s AC and once per day will allow the wearer to call forth up to four shadow wolves that will obey the the summoner and will remain for up to three hours. These shadowy wolves move up to 120′ (40′), have 2HD and bite for 1d6 points of damage.

Usable by: Anyone.

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