[New Spell] Stone of Giants

Stone of Giants

Koram snarled a curse at the roaring giant.
Knat the druidess looked disappointed.
He threw a boulder at me!” whined Koram.
Knat knelt down and tapped a good sized stone while murmuring a spell.
Here, throw this back at him,” she said, handing the stone to Koram.
The giant laughed as the fighter reeled back and threw the rock at him.
The stone struck the giant with an enormous thud, knocking the giant down, surprising both Koram and the giant.
Let's run before he gets up and throws more!” suggested Knat.

Stone of Giants (Druid)

Level 4

Range: Touch

Duration: One week + one day per level of druid.

A druid may cast Stone of Giants upon an ordinary stone, usually about 5 pounds or so, and cause that stone to be as devastating as if thrown by a hill giant, which means that a Stone of Giants will deal 2d8 points of damage. This makes these enchanted stones very powerful and very dangerous, sometimes even to their owners. Quick thinking druids often paint a mark on the stones touched with this spell to avoid catastrophe. To initiate the stone’s devastating power the rock must be thrown or dropped from at least three feet. Up to three stones may be so enchanted at a time with this spell.

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