[New Spell] One Thousand Wrong Faces

One Thousand Wrong Faces

Who was that?”Chalk asked Koram.
I don't know, but the odd thing is, he was wearing similar clothes to that conjurer that we ran into this morning,” replied the fighter.
Stork smiled to himself after seeing that his enemies did not recognize him. With all haste the wizard slipped back into the common room of the Crazed Manticore Inn and sidled up to the bar.
Gypsum,” he whispered to Vistis the Blue Mage.
I have to admit, that curse is effective, I didn't recognize you and I cast it upon you,” said the masked illusionist.
Better yet, those idiots don't either! This is stupendous!” marveled Stork. “I can kill them a thousand times and they will never recognize me!”
Doesn't that sort of take some of the satisfaction out of it?” countered Vistis. “I mean, don't you want them to know it's you when the blade sinks to the bone?”
Stork slumped forward and ordered a strong glass of wine.

One Thousand Wrong Faces (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Permanent until dispelled or the person is seen on one thousand different encounters by a given person.

When this illusionist’s curse is cast upon a victim that fails a save versus magic at -1 the target of the curse no longer looks the same to friends and family (and foes), the subject’s face and general appearance are altered in some way to be unrecognized for who they really are, which can be very frustrating for all involved (-3 on all rolls pertaining to recognizing the cursed person). The worst part is that if nobody can dispel this curse each person known by the victim of the curse up to the point when the curse was placed must encounter that person on one thousand separate occasions for the curse to be lifted.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] One Thousand Wrong Faces

  1. trey says:

    Harsh! As a curse should be. I like the name, too.

    • bat says:

      Thanks! Sometimes they just hit me and this was one of those that hit me, then made me nervous that it would not translate well. This blog is all a stream of consciousness when it comes to the writing, and I am not always sure that what is in my head makes sense to others.

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