[New Monster] Nokozum



Is that the same cat that you dropped the building on yesterday?” Vistis the Blue Mage asked Stork.

The sorcerer turned and looked, then gasped aloud, which was quite unusual for him. He didn’t say a word.

Because not only does it look like the same cat, but it looks bigger and meaner,” and Vistis.

The cat glared down hatefully from the top of a nearby roof. Vistis picked up a rock to throw but Stork stayed his hand.

It’s not worth it, my friend,” whispered Stork. “Because that is the cat that I dropped the house on yesterday, but it is back and it is bigger and fiercer looking than it was then. Let’s just leave.”


No. Enc.: 1 (1d6)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 120′ (40′)

Armor Class: 6

Hit Dice:1-2-3-4 (see below)

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6 (bite or claws) [1d6+1 at phases 3 and 4-see below]

Save: F4

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: Nil

X.P.: 15/35/50/120

Nokozum, or ‘dwarf’s cats’ as they are sometimes known, are thought to be a gift to the dwarves in the elder days by the mysterious deity Inkanur. Looking like a stout housecat at first, each time a nokozum is reduced to -4 hit points it dies, only to rise one day later even stronger, fiercer and smarter than before (which adds another hit die, a stronger attack in the final two phases and more experience points). These magical cats are often given to young dwarves and age with them, bonding to their owner, down to the point of holding grudges against those that have wronged themselves, their owner or the particular clan or group that the dwarf belongs to. A freshly risen nokozum often seeks out their killer to exact revenge, communicating to their owner (and others) with a form of simple telepathy.

Many rumors have cropped up around these creatures and they may be the source of the “cats have nine lives” and “it is bad luck to kill a cat” old wive’s tales. 

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2 Responses to [New Monster] Nokozum

  1. trey says:

    So do the dwarves’ cats have beards as well? 😉

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