[New Spell] Mixed Parts

Mixed Parts

Knat entered the common room of the inn and began laughing.
Valance's head was on Koram's body now and vice-versa. One of Chalk's arms was mixed in for good measure. The Scholar of Wexos looked like a patchwork combination of arms and legs.
You know, you wouldn't have found this so amusing ten minutes ago if you had been here,” Chalk said. “Because you probably would have had your noggin switched with one of ours.”
The druidess immediately composed herself.
Stork?” she asked.
More than likely, or one of his hired curse-throwers, we need to really get this undone, it is uncomfortable,” the Scholar of Wexos lamented.
Knat turned on her heels to begin looking for someone to remove the horrid curse, thanking her goddess that she indeed had not been there ten minutes prior.

Mixed Parts (Magic-User)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One year and one day or until dispelled.

The caster of this spell can mix extremities (heads, arms and legs) between up to four people who fail a save versus spells at -1. When a head is switched for another that head takes over the body and thus the physical stats change accordingly, although mental stats remain the same. This works between creatures of similar type (humans, demi-humans and humanoids are interchangeable, for example, but a quadruped, like a horse, for example, would not be able to swap) but only works for creatures of the material plane and does not work with elementals, deities or infernal creatures. Movement may be slowed in some cases by up to one half of the base movement if radically different legs result in such a swap.

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