[New Spell] Reveal Profession

Reveal Profession

We need to hide nudge for a couple of days,” Chalk said as he entered the common room of the inn.
Why is that?” asked Koram.
Look at the palm of your left hand,” replied Knat.
Koram looked at his hand, flipping it over to look at the back.
Your other left hand,” suggested Chalk.
The fighter switched hands.
Hey! What's that?” Koram exclaimed as he looked at a faintly glowing symbol of two crossed swords on his palm.
I don't know, but we all have a different one and I have heard that the priests of Law are hunting thieves,” Chalk answered.
Nudge started to panic. His palm had a glowing coin on it.

Reveal Profession (Cleric)

Level 4

Range: One village, town, city.

Duration: Instantaneous, effect lasts for three days.

Clerics and priests of various deities cast this spell to root out thieves and to find worthy champions for one cause or another. When cast within the limits of a village city or town the spell instantly causes a faintly glowing symbol to appear on the left palm (or right if the left hand is missing, or forehead if both hands are missing) of everyone within the range of the spell. For example a fighter will have a pair of crossed weapons on his palm, a wizard a spellbook, an assassin a dagger, a thief a coin, a druid a leaf, a woodsman an ax, a smith an anvil, etc. However, in games without a specific thief class all adventurers might be considered thieves for their plundering of dungeons and other locales.

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