[New Spell] Why Do They Run?

Why do they run?

The howls of the prince could be heard from his tower that overlooked the small city.
Rumor had it that his men were growing restless and thinking of leaving the city to strike out as mercenaries.
Chalk laughed as he drank his ale in the seedy tavern and listened to the tale of the Scholar of Wexos.
He will learn to be more polite to spellcasters in the future when that wears off,” said the illusionist. “What really got him mad was that he couldn't even convince his retainers to attack me after it happened!”

Why do they run? (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: One day + one day per level of illusionist.

This treacherous spell has been the downfall of many a leader. If the target fails a saving throw versus spells with a -1 modifier then his or her Charisma is immediately dropped to 3 for the duration of the spell. All followers will effectively have a morale of 4, all dealing with the afflicted will have a reaction Adjustment of +2 and those under the command of the affected (if this person is a leader) will begin to disappear, suddenly becoming disenchanted with the one in charge and sometimes may be driven to rebellion or mutiny. The victim of this spell doesn’t see themselves any differently, even if looking in a mirror.

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