[New Spell] Creeping Shadow Web

Creeping Shadow Web

Chalk, Koram and Valance dangled helplessly from the twisting and crawling dark web.
Well, this is ironic,” commented the priest of the Spider God.
I bet you are jealous of that wizard though, being able to cast a spell like this,” Koram said.
Absolutely!” replied Valance.
A low growl could be heard from the twisting corridor.
I sure hope that is Knat disguised as a tiger or something,” said Chalk.
With the way our day is going, what are the chances?” asked the fighter.
Pretty slim,” grumbled the wizard.

Creeping Shadow Web (Magic-user)

Level 4

Range: 30 feet

Duration: Three turns.

A somewhat sinister advanced form of the Web spell, Creeping Shadow Web conjures and strong, inky web of strange shadow-stuff that the wizard can control. The web will never stick to the caster and can be used to catch incoming projectiles (succeeds on 3-6 on a d6), hurl weapons like daggers (use the magic-user’s statistics for any pertinent rolls) and, of course, trap opponents by touching them (need a Strength of 16+ to break free or spend three rounds cutting through each strand). This eerie web can expand to cover a 20′ radius and can creep along with the caster.

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